Reece was born in March, 2014 and is now about five and a half years old. She was rescued by Tessa as a young puppy and adopted locally at about four months of age to a lovely young woman

Reece needs a new home, as her adopter’s situation has changed and there is a year old baby barreling about the house. Reece is very gentle and is lovely with people, and with children. But she startles with quick, erratic movements and when the toddler stumbles into her or wakes her from deep slumber, Reece growls at her, making mom nervous.

Reece has never shown any aggression toward the child, aside from growling to ask for space, however the family has asked for support to re-home Reece and we are posting her and screening applicants.

Reece is lovely and gentle with people. She loves loves everyone, including new people. and children She has no stranger aggression. She is very affectionate, fully house trained, and is calm and relaxed when left alone. She is also lovely with other dogs and gets along great with them. Reece lives with a cat and they get along great, even sleeping together.

She is well trained, with all her basic behaviors and some cute tricks, too.  She is treat motivated and loves to train. She knows sit, stay, leave it/take it, lay down, spin, and shake, for starters.

Reece is healthy, up to date on her vaccines, spayed, and  crate trained. She is a fairly large dog, about 60 lbs in weight. Reece is available for local adoption and can also fly to the Bay Area in adoption. Because she startles when woken suddenly, we are looking for an adult home or one with older children.

This dog is practically perfect. She is everything adopters want in a gorgeous package.