Alfie was found panicked and running in the road in Pastores, a town about 20 minutes west of Antigua. He was in great shape, clean, shiny, and healthy. He had the mark of a collar around his neck. He also had zero traffic sense and was in imminent danger of being run over. So Ronaldo brought him in.

We posted him as found, and assumed that a family would be looking for him. But we were sadly wrong. No one ever bothered to look for him or claim him.

Alfie is a really great little dog. He is full grown, and just under 25 lbs. He is very short coated, minimally shedding, and is all muscle. We have no idea his breed mix, but we have labeled him as a Manchester Terrier mix because we humans love to put some kind of breed mix on our dogs.

He is a spicy little guy. He loves, loves, loves to play with toys and will chase toys all day long. He will happily play with you (you need two toys, because he won’t yet bring the toy back to you, but rather, he drops toy 1 when you toss toy 2!). He will happily play with toys all by himself, too.

We think that Alfie was a house dog, and that he was seldom, if ever, walked. He walks great on leash, but he is quite fearful of cars, loud noises and the general hustle and bustle of Antigua streets. Off leash in the coffee farm he is a star, running, playing and coming back eagerly and happily when called (and paid with a treat!)

Alfie has some body handling issues and doesn’t appreciate being picked up. We have worked extensively with him on this, and he now not only allows but actually seeks much handling. He has been in a foster with a wonderful couple for the past 6 months and has just blossomed being an only dog, now loves his walks in the neighborhood, and is a dream in the house.

Alfie is busy and playful, but he also chills beautifully and knows how too hang out with you. He likes to cuddle, but doesn’t demand it.

Alfie is not at all interested in other dogs. He is not reactive, but will bark and chase a dog who gets too close to him. We believe that Alfie had little or no experience playing or socializing with other dogs when he was a puppy. He doesn’t seem to understand the concept of playing with other dogs, but will happily play with humans all day long!

We are continuing to train Alfie, but feel he is ready for the right loving home. We think he’d be great in an adult home. He should be an only dog.

He is neutered, up to date on his vaccines, and very healthy.



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