Josie has been roaming around at an abandoned coffee farm at the south end of Antigua. Team Member Francesca gained her trust with feeding her over several weeks before she was able to catch her.

Josie is about 5 months old and will grow into a medium sized dog – she is affectionate and very, very sweet – and smart!
She  figured out climbing up spiral stairs in her foster home – she goes up, takes a nap, comes down again when she feels like and is ready for another play session.

Due to an unfortunate incident a few weeks ago, she started being dog reactive on leash – she is receiving positive reinforcement trainings on this. Whenever she sees other dogs, she receives treats – soon she will associate that whenever there is  another dog around actually means something good is going to happen and she’ll be happy again when she sees furry unknown friends around.
Training needs time and patience – when she is living her adopted life, we of course will give you support with her training, if necessary.

She is playful and happy to be around her dog friends that she knows already.

Josie is ready for her forever home and is looking forward meeting you!