Babo came to us with multiple health problems in March of 2016. Since he lived on the street in San Juan Gaspar and had no owner to take care of him he wasn’t doing well at all. He is old; probably about 12 years old, and has great difficulty walking. He has arthritis that causes him pain. He is partially deaf and incontinent.
Friends Tessa and Gerson brought him in as he was having such a hard time on his own. He could barely walk and frequently urinated on himself as he couldn’t stand up. He appeared very painful, and when he did walk his gait was uneven and very week. We brought him in and had a full veterinary workup done on him, blood work taken, was tested for heartworm (negative!), had him neutered neutered, had a series of x-rays taken of his hips and lower back, and had a dental with extractions.
Babo does not have dysplasia or a fractured pelvis as we first thought; (he actually has GREAT hip joints!) He does have very severe arthritis in his ribs and lower spine, with impingement on the spinal nerves. This is the cause of his dropped stance and marked weakness in his hind legs. Babo’s teeth were in very bad shape, and some were pulled. We are now cleaning his remaining teeth daily (we promise, JP!).
Babo completed a course of Prednisone to reduce some of the inflammation in his spine. He is more mobile after it.
We diapered Babo at night at first as he was been unable to get up to urinate during the night, but he is stronger and more mobile now, so although he doesn’t always make it to the door first thing in the morning, he no longer soils his bed or himself.
Babo now roams the property at will, and has learned to hunt avocados from the other grey muzzles. He is a sweet, quiet, gentle old gentleman. We are smitten! Dr. Calderon believes that he has some Collie in him, and that he is about 12 years old. He has settled in with the porch dogs beautifully and seems very content with them.
Babo will likely live out the rest of his years with us, and we are thrilled to give him the loving home that he deserves. We would welcome a sponsor for beautiful Babo.