At the end of June, 2015 we were asked by Dr. Jim and two young volunteers, Jenna and Jillian Guffy to take in two geriatric dogs from another group. These dogs had lived their entire lives at this other site, were blind, and were in terrible condition. They lived in a pen with other dogs, and since they were blind they could not defend themselves or  their food from the other dogs.

We agreed to take them, and Mindy arrived with a male named Chakra. Both dogs had apparently been at this site since 2002. Mindy has thick cataracts and can barely see shadows, she was terribly thin, her face covered with infected dog bites and her lymph glands swollen alarmingly. She was in great pain from untreated arthritis, needed a dental cleaning and extractions in the worst way. She had a severe flea infestation, and also had lice.

We quickly bathed and treated her for the parasites, and after examination by our vet we put her on antibiotics and pain medication for her arthritis. Ten days later her infections had cleared up and we had a dental performed.

Mindy is feeling pretty good these days. She is a sweet, gentle soul who loves to come lean in for a petting, and in between loves to curl up on a soft bed and sleep the afternoon away.

She and Chakra have been together for many years, but they don’t do well together at night. Chakra gets disoriented and stumbles onto Mindy. She startles and attacks him, causing him to panic. We have built the dogs a separate divided run with a fenced, flat grassy area as they also don’t navigate the play area all that well with its level changes.

We consider Mindy to be a sanctuary dog due to her advanced age and medical issues. Mindy has fairly advanced canine cognitive dysfunction. She is still spry and has a good quality of life. We would love to have sponsors for sweet Mindy-please consider helping us with her expenses.