Friday and her sisters Cinnamon and Mimi were found dumped by a communal washing station in the mountains above Antigua. They were only three  weeks old and were barely wobbling around on their little feet. There were five puppies in the litter, but by the time a good samaritan passed and found them, sadly two had been run over and killed. We immediately took the surviving three puppies.

These little pups were tiny and infested with worms. They responded immediately to the deworming and thrived on puppy chow mush, lots of cuddling and love. They learned how to be dogs from the other puppies and adults in the rescue, and we separated them and placed each in wonderful foster homes when they were about ten weeks old.

Friday is a very affectionate and friendly little puppy. She loves to play any game you can come up with. She is a calm, relaxed puppy (as puppies go!).  She is great with other dogs, loves people, and would be a great family pet.

We have no idea how big Friday will grow, nor what her breed mix is, but we guess that she will be mid-sized. Of the three sisters, Friday is the largest.