Friends Tessa and Gerson found Baileys wandering in the street near their home in San Juan del Obispo in early July of 2016. She had been injured and had a twisted and nearly useless right hind leg. They estimated Baileys age as about 6 months in July. They took her to the veterinarian, and programmed a knee surgery to repair the ruptured ligaments found on exam.

Baileys’ surgery was successful, and her rehabilitation was complete. She now uses her hind leg normally as though it had never been injured.

We took Baileys in on January 6, 2017 along with a buddy that our friends had also rescued last summer.

She is an extremely sweet, gentle, and calm young dog. She  loves people, however is still a little unsure of smaller children. We are slowly introducing her to little ones with positive experiences. She will trigger and lunge and bark when little kids run past quickly or if there are groups of children screaming and running. We are still training and working on this issue, so she really isn’t quite ready for adoption until she is more comfortable and relaxed with small children. She gets along with most of the adult dogs, but is a little tough on the puppies. She puts any dong “in its place” without hesitation. She has almost no obedience behaviours yet, but is already learning and appears to enjoy her training.

Baileys is spayed, up to date on her shots, comfortable in her crate, and completely rehabilitated from her knee surgery.