Friends Tessa and Gerson found Bruno wandering in the street near their home in San Juan del Obispo in September of 2016. He was a young male, perhaps four months old when they found him in the fall. He was thin, malnourished, and quite afraid of people.

They took him in, gave him lots of love and good food, and he quickly grew healthy and friendly. We met Bruno at the end of November when he came to one of our clinics to be neutered. We fell in love at first sight!

We took Bruno in along with his buddy Baileys in on January 6, 2017.

Bruno was shy on walks and nervous in traffic, but he has really blossomed with training and love. He is now fine in all but the heaviest traffic situations and walks very nicely on a leash with a front attach harness. He is extremely food motivated and a dream to train. He has all of his basic obedience behaviours and is great off leash, too.

Bruno rides okay in the car, and loves to go on outings. He gets along great with all the dogs at the rescue and all the other dogs he has met. He plays well with all dogs he knows.

He is an extremely athletic dog and can (and does) easily climb a 6 foot chain link fence when he wants to be on the other side. He is not a runner, but if there is something or someone he wants to get to, a fence is not really a barrier to him!

He loves to play and will play fetch and tug all day long, even by himself. He initiates tug games with his dog friends all the time.

Bruno did not do well with cats on his cat test, and showed a strong desire to chase them. He has not shown interest in chasing birds or squirrels on our walks.

Bruno is neutered, up to date on his shots, and healthy. He is a lovely young dog and will make a lucky family very happy.