Benji came to us via Mayan Families in Panajachel. He was spotted on the stret by Angela Padilla of Northern California Family Dog Rescue, and she asked to have him sent to her rescue in adoption.  Benji was in terrible condition, with bald, scabby shin, severely underweight, and riddled with parasites. He needed several months of good care to be healthy enough to fly to the US. 

We received Benji on August 7, 2011. He is a middle aged, neutered, mid-sized grey terrier cross. He had been neutered. He had severe skin problems from a flea bite allergy, and was practically bald on the back half of his body. He is missing a lot of teeth.

Benji is a very sweet dog. He likes people, but is not needy. He loves to go for walks and will do as much exercise as you let him, but is quiet and mellow in the house. He loves to be petted, but can get a little pushy when you pet him, and will try to climb into your lap or climb your leg. He really loves attention and will try to push other dogs out of the way so you pet him alone. He is really easy to live with, and is an all-around great dog.

Benji flew to San Francisco on September 12, 2011. He was adopted shortly after arriving, and is a very loved member of his family.