Cinder was brought to Vet Pro on May 5, 2011 by Merli Arriola, a local rescuer. She found the dog lying in the street, unable to stand or walk. She had drool around her mouth, and appeared intoxicated. Dr. Calderon checked Cinder over and found nothing notable other than that she was weak, dehydrated, and nauseous. She was pregnant, a little thin, but in good condition.

Cinder stayed overnight at the clinic, and appeared to be better the second day. We posted Cinder as “found” in the area she was encountered, but no one claimed her. We have yet to figure out how anyone could not claim a dog this great……

Since moving up to Linda’s house, we’ve had a lot of opportunity to really see more sides of Cinder. She is simply a wonderful, sweet dog. She has lots of endearing habits and traits. She loves to eat lying down. She is not terribly interested in her meals, and will graze. We feed her separately from the other dogs as they will wolf her food down very quickly. She eats Kirkland brand dry dog food at my house.

She is very playful, and solicits play with all three of our dogs, as well as the cat. She bats at our legs and nibbles our pants when she wants to play with us, too. She lies down to play much of the time in the house, chewing on ears and legs, and snorting and often whining in a high pitched play whine. She is terrific with puppies, handicaps herself well, and is very patient with them.

She is very affectionate and loves to curl up beside you, or on the sofa if you will let her. She chooses to sleep beside our bed on a big soft bed of her own. She runs to greet you in the morning with paw bats and big plumy tail wags. She is not a big kisser, and seldom gives face kisses, but will give gentle, tiny hand licks. She does love to snuggle and to get belly rubs.

She does like toys, and will carry them around, take them outside, and throw them and catch them for herself. She will sometimes chew plastic if she finds it on the floor (she chewed up an empty plastic M & M’s container she found on the floor). She also was REALLY interested in my niece’s dirty diaper….. She will roll in dead critters if she finds one (she is still a dog, after all!)

She is a really fun, frisky and playful dog. That said, she is quite relaxed and quiet in the house; very easy to live with. She has perfect manners inside, and has never soiled inside in the time we’ve had her with us.

She is great with kids, friendly with pretty much everyone she meets, and likes almost every dog after being presented to them. She walks beautifully on leash, doesn’t pull (although she likes to stop and sniff). She does not run away, and comes quite reliably. She does  know sit, and should know more cues, but we have been remiss in training…apologies! She is so well behaved that we really haven’t needed to do much, although we should have.

We are a small organization dedicated to helping dogs and cats in Antigua. We sterilize, rehabilite and find homes, and work with other rescue groups.