Brinco is a small male Poodle. He was found wandering in the road at dusk. We found his ‘people’ but they said that they have a lot of dogs and really weren’t interested in having him back. This is pretty mind-boggling to us, as he is just the nicest little man ever.

He is older-our vet thinks about 6 years old. He is almost blind due to cataracts. He is sweet, quiet, and very easy going. And he gets around just great. He learns his area and navigates flawlessly.

He LOVES being picked up for snuggles and cuddles. Brinco would really love to be your only dog. He doesn’t enjoy being bumped and jostled by other dogs and can be snappy with them. But he is sweet and gentle with all the humans in his world.

We’ve only heard his bark twice, and he is very quiet. He spends most of the day snoozing. His hobbies include sleeping in and riding copilot in the car. He loves his food and looks forward to mealtimes (and snacks). He is the perfect couch potato and Nexflix aficionado!

He is now neutered, vaccinated and healthy. Brinco has a condition called ‘dry eye’ and needs inexpensive eye drops daily for life. He is very easy to handle and it only takes a second to place the drops. He is a really sweet little dog.