Indigo is a lovely brindle puppy we picked up September 11th. She was only about 3 months old. She was wandering in the street at the base of the stairs to Cerro de la Cruz in Antigua. We’d seen her several times during the weeks prior, following a woman and child. They never seemed to check on her, and several times she was almost struck by vehicles as she followed them across the street.

The day we picked her up, she was wandering alone and hesitantly following anyone walking nearby. She was hungry, so easy to catch. Once we had her we realized that she was actually in really, really poor shape. She was loaded with fleas, had many scabs and several bite wounds. She was beginning to lose fur due to mange.

Once treated, the wonderful Tessa and Gerson took Indy to foster her. She settled in immediately with them, and adjusted to her big dog family very quickly. Indy is almost 4 months old, and will be spayed shortly. She is vaccinated, wormed, healthy, and ready for local adoption.