Crema came to us via the rescue group Ayuda Para Perros y Gatos at the lake. She was placed with a family as a young puppy, but unfortunately it was a very bad placement for Crema. She was neglected and likely abused. AYUDA took her back from the family, but had nowhere for this damaged young dog to go to be rehabilitated.  We took Crema and are working with her to help her regain her trust in people and to teach her the basic obedience she needs to be successful when she is adopted.

Crema was very shut down and didn’t even know how to walk on a leash. She has settled in with the resident dogs and is progressing very well. We are training her using clicker training and positive reinforcement, and she is much more confident and happy. She has some basic behaviours and is now able to go for walks with us.

Crema is about ten months old and is a lovely, sweet dog. She appears to be a Lab mix and loves to fetch and play tug. She likes people and really loves children. Because of her previous abuse, we would recommend a quiet home with no children or older children, even though she is very good with kids.

Crema has really transformed, and is now a happy, playful dog with her canine pals. She walks well on a leash, comes when called off leash, and is enjoying her long romps in the coffee farm. Crema is very affectionate and loves gentle petting. She does show some slight resource guarding toward other dogs when vying for human attention and with her food, so would do best in a home as an only dog or with another calm, respectful dog companion.

Crema is sponsored by AYUDA



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