Dakota walked into the secondhand store in the front part of the Puppy Palace one afternoon probably lured by the “buffet” we offer to street dogs. She was a nursing mother and was VERY  hungry. She followed Terry right into the back area and showed no signs of wanting to leave. So she stayed.

Dakota is a small brownish/greyish dog with black tips on her fur. She looks like a mini coyote. She was quite thin, and her coat was dry and brittle. She was very dirty and had what appeared to be chronic ear issues. She is quite young; perhaps 2 years old.

We found lead pellets in Dakota’s side, indicating that someone had shot her….

Dakota has had several treatments for the yeast infections in her ears, and her ears should be cleaned frequently and checked often. Other than that, she is in excellent condition. Her coat is improving, and she has regained her girlish figure! She LOVES to run and play, and lives for her morning run in the coffee farm with her pack. She has lots of energy, but is not a demanding dog. She relaxes and is content to just be near you. 

December, 2012 Update-Dakota loves her dog friends. She plays with everyone, and plays hard. She occasionally barks  at other dogs passing on the street while riding in the car. She settles quickly once told “no”. She can be a little reactive on walks on the street (when with other Puppy Palace dogs), when she sees other dogs walking. This behaviour is much reduced when she is walked by herself. We believe that this will extinguish when she is no longer in the Guatemala environment and encounters friendly, well socialized dogs instead of the unbalanced dogs she meets here. She is generally a friendly, happy, confident little dog. She is easy going and very sweet to everyone.

Dakota has the cutest curled tongue….when she pants it curls up in a little smiley cup shape. 

Dakota was adopted in February of 2011.

We are a small organization dedicated to helping dogs and cats in Antigua. We sterilize, rehabilite and find homes, and work with other rescue groups.