We spotted Foxy  crossing the road January 11, 2011 and trying to drink from spilled water on the pavement in San Cristobal on Sunday, January 30, 2011.Linda stopped the car and got out to offer this scruffy, scrawny, thirsty little dog a drink from a bowl, and when she timidly approached, it appeared that she was holding a large, pink ball in her mouth. This “ball” turned out to be  a gigantic tumor attached to her jaw. It was so big that the dog couldn’t properly eat or drink.  She was coaxed closer with dry dog food, caught, and brought to the Puppy Palace Antigua by car.

Surgery was performed on Foxy on February 3, 2011 to remove the tumor, several damaged teeth, and to spay her.  Surgery was successful and Foxy recovered beautifully.

Foxy is an older female dog, veteran of MANY litters. She is very malnourished and thin with a dry, unhealthy coat. She is very itchy, even though she has been treated for parasites and given Dex. She is a distemper survivor and has a very slight twitch in her right front leg. She is extremely sweet and affectionate, and follows you around very closely.  She is not shy and does not seem to have been hit or abused.  She likes petting, brushing, any kind of contact. (February 26, 2011)

Foxy is a VERY sweet dog. She is extremely attached to people, and loves to be by your side. She sleeps on the bed, if permitted, and never strays very far away. She will follow you from room to room to keep you in sight. She has no bad habits that we have seen so far. She walks beautifully on a leash, sits quietly whenever you do, is well behaved in stores, restaurants, homes. She does not bark or dig, and is perfectly calm and sweet with other dogs of all ages and sizes. She is starting to play, and will run and engage the dogs to play with her in the coffee farm now.

Foxy is an absolutely delightful dog. She is very puppy-like and has an extraordinarily sweet character. She likes all the dogs, but especially loves Carmelita. She is the play-meister of all time, and can get everyone ramped up and enjoying a good game of chase in seconds. Her coat is growing in thick, darker, and very lush. 

Foxy was adopted by volunteer Marion Garriot and now lives in Canada, thoroughly spoiled and well loved.  She loves the snow!