Lola was found in December, 2011 by Maritza Ortiz and Lois Werner on December 28, 2010. She was roaming in Jocotenango, cold, thin, and with an obvious skin problem.

This was later diagnosed as a genetic form of alopecia (commonly called blue coat alopecia). The condition is not curable, but is manageable with a shampoo and medication regimen. Because of this,  her coat is brittle and breaks off, causing her body to have short, dark blue-grey fur, with bald patches. The rest of her body had normal golden, longer hair.  Other than her appearance, she is completely healthy and normal.

She was fostered first by friends Lois and Kent, and then by volunteer Jennifer Rowe.  Lola is extremely sweet and affectionate. She is well behaved, house trained, and friendly to all; human, cat, and dog. Because of her appearance, she was a difficult placement locally, so Dr. Jim Bader accepted her and offered to place her for us.

 Lola flew to Holland Michigan to Headin’ Home Pet Rescue to be placed in adoption on April 30, 2011. She was adopted at Petapalooza in July, 2011. She is very well loved in her new family.