Dapper Dan

This little cutie wandered into our sterilization clinic in the nearby town of Jocotenango on December 9, 2020.  He just hung out all day, working the crowd, trying to convince everyone how adorable he was.

We were convinced. As is our habit, when “walk-ins” show up at our clinics, we sterilize and vaccinate them, and then normally we release them after they have healed up right back where we found them.  But Dan was a puppy. And it is really, really hard to put a puppy back on the street. So despite the fact that we didn’t really have an available foster or space for him, we didn’t.

Dapper Dan is about 6 months old. He is the quintessential puppy, floppy, gangly, everything-in-my-mouth adorable kind of puppy. He is so friendly it is kind of ridiculous. We spend half our walks trying to regain his attention because he just “has to go say hi” to that person, this dog, that empty, blowing bag.  He knows how to work a crowd, this one!

Dan is smart, food motivated (possibly too food motivated when it comes to other dogs; he doesn’t like to share!) He has basic obedience behaviors such as ‘sit’, ‘down’, a short ‘stay’, ‘touch’ and ‘leave it’. He walks well on leash, is good off leash, and rides great in the car.

He is not fully house trained, but is coming along nicely and seldom has accidents if he is taken out regularly. He is crate trained and sleeps happily in his crate (although he asked us to say he MUCH prefers to curl up in bed with you, and he is an excellent snuggler!)

Dan lives with a cat in his foster home and likes the cat a lot. Probably more than the cat likes him, to tell the truth! He is a lovely player and does well with other dogs, too.  He has been with kids as young as 8 and seems to love them. Dan pretty much loves everything and everybody.

He is neutered, fully vaccinated, and more than ready for a loving home all his own. This is one super-duper, spectacular puppy, folks