Lila is one of two sweet dogs (maybe sisters, maybe mother and daughter?), who were very loved by their previous owners. Unfortunately, Covid-19 changed everyone’s lives pretty drastically, and we found Cosita and her partner, Lila chained to a tree outside our directors home very early in the morning in May.

They were left with a note in very illiterate Spanish, telling us that they were good dogs, their names (but not which dog was which), saying they had both been spayed, and asking us to please take them and love them. The writer said she could not feed her family and had no food for the dogs.

We were pretty heartbroken for both the dogs and their owner, who felt she had no choice. We let the dogs go and followed them in the hopes they would head home; perhaps we could help the family. But they wandered around sniffing and kept returning to us.

The two dogs were pretty sad and shut down for a couple of weeks, but they slowly settled into life on the Cerro. They were (and still are) really only interested in one another. They share their large open run peacefully with another old street dog and do fine with other streeties we bring in post sterilization to recover. But they don’t want anything to do with the other canine residents and both can be reactive toward other dogs when on leash if they approach too closely.

They were fostered together for several months and their fosters reported that they are calm, quiet, sweet and easy going. They are fully house trained and have no issues in the home. They walk well on leash and do fine off leash in the woods.

Lila and Cosita could be adopted together, but we recently separated them for several weeks and to our surprise they did just fine on their own. Lila doesn’t like strange children or toddlers. She is uncomfortable with bikes whizzing past or children running nearby. She is comfortable and happy with other known children, however.

We think that Lila is about 3  or 4years old. She is spayed, fully vaccinated, and a simply lovely, calm, easy going dog.

We are a small organization dedicated to helping dogs and cats in Antigua. We sterilize, rehabilite and find homes, and work with other rescue groups.