Little Possum is a most awesome pup. He was rescued by team member Francesca in July. He was a tiny puppy, born to a feral mother in a coffee farm south of Antigua. He was starving and sick and just too beaten down to even move from the middle of the highway where he sat, soaked to the skin in the pouring rain.

Francesca thought he was a bag of garbage. When she slowed for a closer look, she realized that the bag of garbage was really a starving puppy. Possum took quite a long time to recover physically and was a skinny, skinny guy. Because he was so tiny, we initially thought he was much younger than he was. But he is actually a smaller breed dog.

He is now fully recovered and healthy. He is probably about 8-10 months old, weighs about 28 lbs, and possibly has a bit of Bull Terrier in him from his face and forelegs. He has very short hair, sheds only minimally, and is a sweet, people loving pup. He is fully vaccinated, neutered, and clear of parasites.

Possum LOVES people. He is very affectionate and super cuddly. He likes other dogs and loves to play. He has been around kids ages 7 to 17 and loves them all. He hasn’t been around younger children. He met his first cat the other day, and didn’t really approve. He thought the cat was very scary!

Possum has basic behaviors taught with positive reinforcement (food rewards), and walks great on a leash. He is good off leash in safe areas, and likes to ride in the car. He is learning to sleep in his crate at night (but would very much prefer to sleep curled up next to you in the human bed!) He is doing well with his house training, although he’s not fully house trained yet.

He is a goofy, chatty, super affectionate little dude, who will make you smile every day. Also, he has Flying Nun ears!

Possum is currently in foster in the Bay Area, and is available to meet. Contact us for more information on this sweet pup!


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