Desi came to us when she was picked up just beginning to go into heat. Our idea was to spay her and return her to the street, but she is so incredibly sweet and gentle we found ourselves unable to carry through. Life on the street for a dog without owners is pretty tough, and she is just too soft to do well foraging and defending herself.

Desi is a lovely young female, about 1.5 to 2 years old.  She is smallish, about 35 lbs and petite and short coated. Desi love people. All people. She loves bipeds. She is gentle and affectionate and really easy going. She  gets along pretty well with most other dogs. She does not enjoy unknown dogs coming into her space when she is on leash and will let the other dog know. But off leash she is appropriate and does play with some dogs.

We see Desi living her best life as an only dog with a few good dog buddies. She can and does share her world with other dogs, but she would be happiest being the center of her humans’ world.

She is bouncy and fun, playful, athletic and graceful. She loves to chase tossed toys, play tug, and to commit stufficide on her stuffies. She adores a good game of flirt pole. But in between her play sessions, she is an expert couch cuddler and loves hanging with her people friends.

Desi has some basic behaviors which were taught using food reinforcers. She walks like a dream on leash and does not pull. She rides well in the car and is house trained. She is not a barker and is an exceptionally quiet and well-behaved young lady.

Desi is fully vaccinated, healthy, spayed and ready for adoption. She is available in the San Francisco Bay Area.