Minoo is a sweet little adult female. She was likely owned but has been with a group of semi-feral farm dogs at the south end of Antigua. She is much smaller than the rest of the dogs, and likely had a bit of trouble making her with with that group.

Francesca caught her just as she was coming into heat and had her spayed. She came up to the center to recover before being released back to the street. But she was so gentle, so sweet, that none of us had the heart to do that. So she stayed.

Minoo is probably about 3. She is small and compact. She is very gentle and slightly reserved. She gets along with all the dogs at the rescue but she is a little shy of them and can get overwhelmed. She is very friendly and affectionate once she gets to know you.

Minoo is doing nicely in her basic training and is healthy, fully vaccinated and ready to be adopted.Minoo