Sherman was found by our student volunteer Esperanza on Friday, May 7th, 2021.  We estimate that he was about 7 months old when he was injured.
He had been hit by a car and was bleeding from mouth and nose.
Esperanza brought him to the vet. He stayed there for the weekend receiving primary care, I/V fluids and x-rays. He had a fractured jaw.

In order to stabilize his fractured jaw he needed to wear a tight cloth muzzle and a cone, and was tube fed for several weeks to allow his jaw to heal.

Sherman gained 6 pounds in 3 weeks and  his jaw  completely healed. He was one of the smartest, most eager and food motivated dogs we have ever trained. He is a lightening-fast learner.

Sherman was a bit anxious until he learned the home routine, and then he settled in really well.  He was still quite puppy-like and teenage mouthy when he was excited or anxious. He was leery of new people coming into the home, but warmed up immediately when told,  “Say hello!” in a happy voice with treats or kibble tossed in his direction. He warms up really quickly to everyone when you speak “food” to him!

He is a fabulous couch potato and loves to cuddle.  He is quick and agile and loves to ride in the car

Sherman flew to San Francisco with a group of our dogs in July just ahead of the CDC ban. He was adopted by a family and has been their best little buddy ever since. He is deeply loved by them, however he has developed a habit that they are unable to manage and do not have the time to train with us. Their property is unfenced and has a public running/bike trail running along the lower edge. Sherman chases passersby, barking at them and has scared people (he has a big, deep bark). The family has small children who cannot be relied upon to close doors, and the mother is too busy to follow up, so he has had multiple opportunities to practice this behaviour.    Sherman is incredibly smart and he learns lightning fast and warms up quickly, but the training he was receiving with this family was inconsistent. They were unable to commit to the management he needs or any training,  so we brought him back and he is currently in a wonderful foster home. There are 5 resident dogs in that home, plus a boarding dog or two, and Sherman has done great with all of them.

He has never made a mistake in the house, sleeps all night in his crate (or your bed). Did we mention that he is a fantastic cuddle buddy?

He is friendly with dogs and loves to play with them.  His family reported that he is great at the dog park and has never had any issue with humans or other dogs there.

Although Sherman adores kids, we are looking for an adult home, or one with older children or occasional visiting children due to the busyness and managed chaos of most families.

Sherman is not a barky dog, but when he does bark, his voice is that of a much bigger dog.

Sherman is neutered, fully vaccinated, healthy and microchipped, He does well with other dogs and has lived peacefully with a cat in his foster home. He is now about 15 months old and weighs about 35 lbs. He has a short, sleek, non-shedding coat.

We are looking for a stable foster-(hopefully foster-to-adopt) situation for Sherman. We will support his adopter with remote  training sessions to and support him and his adopter every step along the way and help ensure that this time Sherman is home for good. He is available in the Calgary, Canada area.