We picked Gizmo up in the middle of the road on July 5th, 2021. He was TINY, and all alone and lost. He could not have been more than about5 weeks old and he was simply terrified. he spent the first few days hiding under a cabinet and crying when we picked him up.

He figured out pretty quickly that life was okay and people were good. Gizmo was fostered with Shirin since mid July and he is growing into a truly lovely puppy. When Shirin got adopted, he welcomed Topaz into his life and they are great friends, too. He is great with the dogs and cat in his foster home, and loves the student volunteers when they come on Saturdays.

He is an excellent little walker, and is learning all his basic training behaviors. He is friendly and cuddly and very, very cute. Gizmo is going to be a great companion for some lucky person.

Gizmo will be mid-sized., between 30 and 40 lbs when full grown.  He is healthy, fully vaccinated and is neutered. He is ready for a home of his own.