Geno is a 4.5 month old mix breed puppy that came in to our rescue via a small rescue in San Martin Jilotepeque, about 2.5 hours drive from Antigua. We met him and his three  siblings who were growing up at this remote rescue when we went to do a spay-neuter clinic for them. The pups had virtually no chance of being adopted, so we decided to take them in.

Geno is a beautiful white and liver colored puppy with mesmerizing grey-green eyes. He is gentle and can be affectionate, but he is extremely shy and is absolutely terrified by all the sights and sounds  when he is out on the street. He does fine when running in the wooded coffee farm and is treat with the other dogs.

He is much more connected to the other dogs than people. We tried fostering Geno, but he was flooded and overwhelmed, so we quickly brought him back to the rescue and he is thriving in the more rural, dog-centric and controlled environment there.

Within the rescue he is approachable by known people and he  tolerates children well, perhaps due to their smaller stature. It takes him a good while to warm up to new people, and he really does not enjoy being touched or handled, even by people he knows, trusts and likes.

Geno will need a patient family with at least one other nice dog, and preferably a large safe and fenced yard to play and roam in. He is overwhelmed walking outside the rescue in our rural environment, and shuts down completely in a busier surrounding. We don’t feel that he is ready for adoption yet, but if a local family with this type of setup were interested in adopting Geno, we would be happy to discuss.

He is neutered and has had all his puppy shots.


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