Vale (short for “valiente” or brave) is one of the sweetest puppies we’ve ever met. She was found lying on the roadside with an old, badly consolidated fractured femur by rescuers in San Martin Jilotepeque.

She had a pronounced limp and on performing x-rays our veterinarian found that the femur has grown a long spike that had extended and was now impinging on the knee cap in the attempt to ‘close the space’. Vale was in a great deal of pain from this and the vet  performed a surgery to cut the point off, re-break the bone, and plate the fracture so it will heal (and hopefully grow) properly. The plate may have to be removed in about three months, so Vale is not really available for adoption until we know if the plate will stay or not.

Vale had her surgery on December 29th and is healing beautifully.

Vale is about 5.5 months old, and she will be a smaller sized dog. She has a medium length coat. She is already spayed and finished her puppy vaccines.

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