Yancy is a senior Golden Retriever. We think he is between eleven and twelve years old. He was found after being struck by a car while running along the Pan American highway. He had three badly broken legs. He was brought to another rescue group and unfortunately left untreated for several weeks due to lack of funds. When we heard about him he had finally had a surgery to repair one of his legs, but the other two breaks were consolidating and so had to be left as they were. Because of this, Yancy has a decided “hitch in his giddyup” when he walks.

Yancy is a typically sweet natured, gentle and patient Golden Retriever. He loves everyone he meets, especially children. He get along with all his dog friends and is incredibly patient and tolerant with them. He is easy-going and just a joy of a dog.

Because of his serious old injuries, Yancy is pretty arthritic and takes pain medication every day. In spite of his lameness, he still loves to go on walks- especially if he can find a nice, gooey, black mud puddle!

Yancy has been with us for many years, and is a Sanctuary Dog. He lives in the main house with the Porch Pack, and spends his days soaking up the sun and cruising for avocados.  Recently Yancy’s hind legs have grown weaker and begun to cause him some pain. We have added Tramadol to his pain medication to try to help him be more comfortable.

We are a small organization dedicated to helping dogs and cats in Antigua. We sterilize, rehabilite and find homes, and work with other rescue groups.