Indy is an adorable  puppy we found wandering in the town of El Hato at the beginning of August. She has truly stunning eyes; one soft brown and the other a clear, bright blue. She was far too small to be out on her own, and was desperately trying to get local children to feed her. Indy had mange, tons of fleas, and the requisite worms that all uncared for dog get here.

Indy is doing great. She is completely recovered  and has a gorgeous shiny black top coat with a soft grey undercoat. She is spunky  and plays all day long. Indy is currently about 5 months old.

She is not fully house trained, but is well on her way there. She is a very clean puppy and will choose to go outside if given the chance. She is crate trained and already has basic obedience behaviours and walks beautifully on a leash. Indy is being clicker trained and is a very fast study. She is incredibly attuned to people and loves her training sessions. Indy is looking for an adopter who will challenge her with dog sports or lots of activity. She can be somewhat reactive if not given guidance, so would do best in a home  experienced in clicker training and with high energy dogs.