Kaya is a small black and tan adult female dog. We believe that she was about one year old on intake. She was thin and dirty, limping along a busy street in Antigua, holding up a clearly badly broken right hind leg. We stopped to feed her,leaving a pile of food on the sidewalk which she eagerly gobbled down, and she gave us a hopeful look and hopped just as eagerly behind us after she finished it off. 

We picked her up and brought her to the facility. Upon examination, we realized that she had suffered a complete break of her humerus and ulna which had set badly, leaving a large and noticeable bump on her leg. Unfortunately, it was already quite well consolidated, so could not realistically be surgically repaired. Kaya had clearly not used the leg in a long time, as her hip muscles, leg, and foot had atrophied.

Kaya recovered completely and although she has a large, bony lump in her hind leg, she uses it without problem.  She was adopted and now lives in the San Francisco Bay area.