Lucy is an adorable small short-coated brindle pup. She is about 8 months old and will be a smaller dog, probably about 20-25 lbs. She has a curly tail and is very petite.

Lucy is friendly and social and loves people and other dogs. She was found in a small town south of Antigua when she was only about 4 weeks old. She was wandering all alone and so we picked her up.

Lucy has lived in a foster home for several months. She gets along wonderfully with visitors, the other dogs and the resident cat. She is a medium-energy teenager. She is doing very well with her house training and has all her basic manners (sit, down, short stay, hand targeting, walking on and off leash). All this was taught with food rewards and positive reinforcement.

Lucy is a major league, Olympic qualifying cuddle bug. She loves to snuggle in next to you. She is a napper and likes to sleep in a bit in the mornings. She is a typical teenager and needs playtime, exercise, and enrichment.

Lucy is up to date on all her vaccines and treatments. She is spayed and microchipped.