Mama Luna

We got Mama Luna and her babies on November 24th, 2021. She was a street dog who was lucky enough to encounter our good friend Eric and his family. They couldn’t keep her, but fed her and let her sleep in their garage at night.

She ended up pregnant, and Eric called us and asked us if we could take her and her little family to keep them safe and healthy as the puppies grew, because puppies don’t last long on the street. Luna had 6 puppies. One died right after it was born, and we lost two more pups for unknown reasons a few days after they arrived.

Her remaining three puppies thrived and grew quickly. She is an extraordinary mother; gentle, very patient, and ever so sweet with both her puppies and with us.

Her puppies are all weaned and she will be getting spayed in med-February and will be available for adoption right afterward. Luna is young, possibly 2 years old. She is medium sized and has a truly lovely temperament.