Murcielago (Murcie for short) was a tiny black puppy, found by the side of the road at the end of September in the town of Jocotenango by friend Amanda Gibson. He was very tiny, only 4 lbs, and was rigid with parasites. His little legs were frozen and locked, and he couldn’t stand. Frankly, we didn’t think he would survive the night, but between Amanda’s loving care and his fierce determination to live, he made it.

Murcie was VERY shut down and fearful for several weeks. He finally began to come out of his shell and with the love and care he received from his patient rescue family he bagan to trust people again. He thrived in this home and is now a healthy, beautiful, sweet puppy.

Murcie adores children, and plays great with them. He also loves cats and other dogs. He can be a little reserved with men at first, but he warms up quickly once he has a chance to assess new situations and people.

He is a wonderful, smart, very affectionate puppy. He will be on the smaller side-probably about 30 lbs when full grown. He is between five and six months old.

Murcielago means “bat” in Spanish, and with his amazingly huge ears and glossy jet black coat he resembles one quite a bit. Murcie has received his full puppy series of vaccines, is dewormed and already neutered.