Nina is one of our newest pups in to the rescue. She was found wandering on the street by volunteer and foster mom Carin, who took her in and is caring for her.

Nina had a collar on, but no one claimed her. She is about 5 months old, probably a Lab mix. She is sweet and very attached to the people she knows. She adores her foster dog-buddies Mango and Bruno and Chica. She is still quite nervous around other dogs until she gets to know them.

Nina has pretty clearly been mistreated by her previous people. She is very leery of strange hands reaching toward her or being picked up (although she is just fine with this from people she knows). So we are doing lots of body handling training with her and she is coming along nicely.

She is very, very food motivated and smart. She is excelling with her basic manners training and she loves kids! Nina has not yet been spayed, and is not quite ready for adoption, but she will be in a couple of weeks. She has had her first set of vaccines. She is a terrific young pup and will make a wonderful companion.