Bixby is a small  mixed breed, slight of bone and built for speed. He has Husky markings, but does not act like the Huskies we have known. He is about 2 years old, and was found wandering near Antigua, dirty, thin, and wearing a tattered harness. He had clearly been smacked around a good bit, and was very wary and leery of hands or petting.

No one ever claimed him, so we had him neutered, vaccinated and wormed. He calmed down with kind treatment and is an affectionate guy nowadays. He has filled in over the past few months and is sleek and very beautiful.

Bixby is a really lovely guy. He has a very good recall already, and to our surprise, is not a runner (as many husky-types are!). He is very connected to his humans on walks, and happily comes back for a treat when called. He does well with other dogs and plays hard with many. If he isn’t interested in playing, he just ignores the other dogs. . He loves toys and in killing the ‘squeak’ in any squeaky toy he finds. He loves to chase a ball, but needs work on the second have of the game-bringing the ball back to you!

We think he would do best in an adult home or with teenagers. He loves the younger kids who volunteer with us, and is absolutely fine with them. He can sometimes spook at really quick, sudden movements so that is why we feel he might be better in a home with older kids as younger children can tend to move suddenly.  He is affectionate and loves pets from people once he trusts you. He only takes only a few minutes to be okay with people and is quite the leaner and cuddler with his trusted peeps. If he doesn’t know you, he would prefer that you didn’t hug him, although he tolerates it. He has some really solid basic obedience and is well crate trained. He is a dream to walk on leash, and has zero reactivity toward other dogs on walks.

Bixby lives in a foster home with a wonderful trainer and her lovely male dog. He is great in the home, not destructive, and very well behaved. He is just a fabulous, easy-going, and chill dog. And did we forget to mention, he is a real looker, too!