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On March 21, we dug six small puppies out of a den in a hillside near Antigua. The pups were born to a feral female that later caught and spayed. The six puppies were five weeks old and growing up feral. We had to bring them in at this age or risk not being able to socialize them and have them grow up fearful. They were in very good condition; their mama did a fantastic job raising them.

Ollie was the biggest of the six puppies on intake, weighing in at 5.2 lbs. He is still the biggest and has blossomed into a sweet, friendly,  little dude. Ollie is a sensitive pup. Now just over 8 months old, he is adorably sweet and a massive snuggle bug. He is superbly well-socialized with dogs and puppies and plays happily with all.

Ollie is smart and funny and silly. In familiar surroundings he is relaxed, loves people and approaches everyone to play or cuddle. He is wonderful with other dogs and lives peacefully with a cat in his foster home.

Ollie loves car rids and is a great copilot. He is house trained, crate trained and has been taught all his basic obedience behaviors. He is lovely to live with-playful outside, chill and easy-going inside. He is just a perfectly wonderful doggy package!

We are looking for a very specific home for Ollie, preferably with a large, secure yard or a more rural setup where he can romp and roam without having to encounter strangers while on leash. Due to a severe fright on a walk when he was a tender puppy, Ollie is very fearful of people walking toward him on the sidewalk. We have done a lot of careful counter-conditioning  but he is extremely sensitized and is too afraid to walk on leash in areas with much traffic or people. Ollie does great off-leash in wooded areas, and would likely do fine in large off-leash parks.  He needs a semi-rural home where he won’t have to navigate streets filled with people.

Ollie is neutered, has all his shots and is in great health.

Ollie is currently located in San Francisco and ready to meet you.