Oso is one of 6 puppies born in early December to a mama rescued from the street in San Martin Jilotepeque, a city about two and a half hours from Antigua. His mother was brought in to the small rescue there and delivered her puppies a day later. Mama has since been sterilized.

There are 4 males and 2 females in this litter. They are all beautiful, friendly and very pro-social puppies. They have been handled and played with daily since they were only a week or so old, and have been with lots of adult dogs and other puppies.

Oso is a lovely black, and tan Shepherd-cross looking puppy with the best eyebrows around. He is a bold, outgoing pup who loves to explore, adventure, and play. He loves a good cuddle, too, so is a pretty perfect mix of snuggle and fun in our opinion.

Oso is being fostered by a wonderful couple and is loving being part of their family, sleeping on soft human beds, and being generally spoiled.

These pups are being trained with positive reinforcement and food, and he is a happy, eager to play-the-training-game pup. He already has basic obedience behaviours down and is chilling in his crate happily. He is a lovely, affectionate pup and will be a great addition to a lucky family.

Oso has been sterilized and is now available for adoption.