Parker belonged to a bricklayer and when the project the man was working on was over, so was Parker’s time with him. He left this gorgeous dog to his own devices. Parker wandered into a condominium where he was spotted and picked up by Francesca Luissi.

He is an absolutely gorgeous dog. He has clearly seen the hard end of a stick, broom, and hand, but after a little time with us, he has blossomed into a truly sweet, lovely dog. He is house trained, calm in the home, not destructive, and lovely to walk on a lead. He is chill with cats, chickens, and likes kids and other dogs.

We believe that his short tail is natural, and that it wasn’t docked. Parker is neutered, vaccinated, and has basic training. He is on reserve for a family who adopted another dog from us a couple of years ago, and will fly to San Francisco as soon as the United Pet Safe embargo is lifted.