Little Miss Piggy was a tiny black pup, likely only a month old when she arrived. She should by all rights still have been with her momma and siblings, but Ronaldo found her in the middle of the road below the rescue. She was all alone, with nary a human or dog in sight. He pulled over, scooped her off the road, and walked around trying to figure out where she had come from. He drove down to El Hato, the town below our rescue, and asked around, but no one admitted to knowing anything about this little puppy. She was far, far too young to be out and about, and likely wouldn’t have lasted the night, so he brought her up to the rescue.

Piggy was in relatively good condition-full of worms and loaded with fleas, of course, but this puppy is a SURVIVOR. She was feisty and ready to EAT! We fostered her with volunteers Tana and Wil overnight, dewormed her, bathed her, and treated her for fleas. The day after Ronaldo found her, he found her sister, Pumpkin. With two tiny pups, we gambled and put them with our slightly older “hedgehog puppies”-Pixel, Hazel, and Yona. The pups immediately assimilated and formed a puppy pile. We decided to leave them together and they are all doing great.

Piggy is already starting her training, and is gaining weight and doing great. Piggy is now four months old. She is sleek and lovely, full of vim and vigor. She is great with everyone, large and small, loves other dogs, and is great with cats. She has been spayed and is upt to date on her shots and ready for adoption.