Piper and her brother Cody were born to a feral female who stays near to and is fed by a very poor family in San Juan Gascon, a community just outside of Antigua. They were born on about December 10, 2014. The pups’ mother was abandoned by her previous owners and the human family has tried to care for her as best as they can for several years. The mother is a large dog, golden yellow with a mid-length coat. She appears to be part German Shepherd, and her estimated weight is between 50 and 60 lbs. Unfortunately, the mother is extremely wild, very smart, and we have been unable to catch her. Even after ingesting massive doses of tranquilizer dosed in food, she still managed to evade us.This is the fourth litter of puppies by this female we have helped with. The family watched over the puppies and handled the puppies and played with them as much as possible to make sure that they did not become feral like their mother. The mother dog allowed this, but moved the puppies away from the house each time.

We took the puppies in on January 9th at about one month of age. The puppies were in quite good condition on intake. They had a heavy parasite (worm) load, and had very scabby skin due to multiple flea bites, but were well nourished and otherwise healthy.

Both puppies are being clicker trained. They are extremely well socialised. They have a great sit, down, shake hands, and walk beautifully on a leash. They know their names and come when called. They love people of all ages, other dogs and puppies, and are fine with cats. Piper is not yet fully house trained. Piper is now perfectly healthy, sterilised and is available for adoption.