Sky is a stunning white and tan puppy. She was born April 4, 2015. Her mom, and seven siblings were brought to a group called AWARE in Guatemala when they were two days old. Sadly, two of the puppies died. The six remaining puppies grew up at this site, with contact from volunteers in a clinic. The shelter is extremely overcrowded and understaffed. Friends and volunteers Jenna and Jillian Guffy visited AWARE at the end of June and asked us to take the puppies, as they were already about three months old and were not receiving the socialization or training they needed to be adoptable.

Additionally, they were suffering from upper respiratory infections that were not responding to treatment. Jenna and Jilli asked us to take the puppies which we did. The pups arrived with us on July 4, and once they were treated, bathed, and healthy, the girls trained and worked with them daily.

Sky has blossomed into a darling, friendly, and outgoing puppy. She is smart, independent, yet very connected to people. She is now spayed, up to date on all her shots and ready for her family to find her.