Waldo was found by good friend Linda Conard in front of her condominium at the south side of Antigua. He was almost bald from mange and flea bite allergy, terribly skinny, yet still trying hard to make friends with all the people and dogs he saw. Linda’s neighbor was kicking at him, insisting that the puppy would make the other dogs sick.

Linda couldn’t bear to see a starving, sick four month old puppy be treated like this, so she scooped him up, called a tuk-tuk, and took him to Dr. Caldern’s veterinary clinic.

Waldo stayed at the clinic for about 2 weeks before we had space to bring him in.

He is a super seet, connected littl puppy. He loves people and dogs alike. He is affectionate, very food oriented and easy to train. He is becoming quite a looker now that his skin has healed and his coat is growing back. He is now neutered, fully vaccinated, and ready for his furever home.