Approximate age-born October or November, 2011. Tiana was brought to us by Miriam Roldan, a local animal rescuer. She encountered the dog being dragged by two small boys. They had apparently been told by their mother to take the puppy to the market and “lose” it there, as the pup had eaten some vegetables.

Tiana was very thin, malnourished, with a large flea infestation. She was extremely fearful and cringed and backed away from hands or handling.  She was fostered and trained by Isabel and Velvet, and when she was healthy and sterilized, she was sent to San Francisco in adoption.

Tiana flew to the US in adoption on July 6, 2012. Her adoption did not work out, and she was re-placed repeatedly by the Humane Society,  eventually ending up on their euthanasia list. We were informed by one of our US volunteers. We were able to bring Tiana back to Guatemala,. We placed Tiana in Guatemala with good friend Annie, and she lives a wonderful life  going on long daily walks and being thoroughly spoiled.