Zsa Zsa

We found Zsa Zsa tied to our gate early in the morning of Dec. 19th. She was likely left by a villager who hoped that we would take care of her. Zsa Zsa was a little frightened, but in very good condition aside from the usual worms and fleas.

She is four months old and an unknown mix of breeds. She has a long snout and longish, silky soft black fur. She is a very friendly, people oriented pup. She is outgoing with the dogs, and plays hard with the bigger pups.

Zsa Zsa is an active puppy and will do best in a home that makes sure she gets lots of exercise. She is a quick learner, and already has most of her basic obedience behaviours. She walks great on leash and stays very close when off leash. She rides happily in the car. We are working on her crate training and she sleeps in her crate with no issues, but still cries if left alone and she can’t see you.

She is finished her puppy series of vaccines, has been treated for parasites, and is spayed.