We got Aggie through Blanca, the owner of the boarding kennel we use when we are full in the city of Chimaltenango. Blanca found little Aggie when she was about 2 months old, abandoned, and hairless due to mange and ringworm. Aggie was pretty close to death.

Blanca and her husband Jehu, who is a vet tech, nursed the sick puppy back to health. She asked us to take Aggie to find a home for her just before Christmas. We couldn’t take her immediately, but brought her in on January 7, 2016. Aggie was approximately 3.5-4 months old on intake, and wen immediately to Carin Steen in foster.

Aggie is a really fun puppy. She has lots of energy, and so we think she would do best in an active home. She loves to go for long walks and runs, and is very well behaved when she has an outlet for her energy.

She is already sleeping in her crate all through the night, and is learning her basic obedience behaviours.

She gets very, very excited with food when training, and can take the food with a hard mouth. Combined with her needle sharp baby teeth, we feel that she might do better in a home with older children or adults. This behavior  is normal in puppies and can be trained out (it also reduces greatly with age), but at this point she does take treats with an awful lot of enthusiasm).

Aggie spayed and up to dat on her shots, and is now  available for adoption.

We are a small organization dedicated to helping dogs and cats in Antigua. We sterilize, rehabilite and find homes, and work with other rescue groups.