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Training Tips | April 15, 2020

Quick and Easy Home Made Dog Treats

1500 perfectly sized training treats, ready to go in just over an hour making to baking time! We go through a lot of treats when training our dogs. A LOT. So we need treats that check off several boxes. They need … Continue Reading ››

Training Tips | January 9, 2018

Take a “Sniffari” With Your Dog!

Here’s some excellent insight from animal behaviorist Marc Bekoff, Ph.D. on the potential for sensory deprivation and stress in dogswho aren’t allowed adequate sniffing opportunities: “Being smell-blind can be aversive to dogs. My recommendation is to let dogs sniff; let’s not hijack one of their vital connections to the world. Let … Continue Reading ››

Training Tips | January 24, 2016

Ideas for High Value Treats for Dogs

We use food rewards to reinforce desired behaviours in your training. There are all kinds of treats available, from basic kibble to commercial treats to home made ones. High value treats are usually meat or protein based and can be cooked, cubed pieces of chicken or beef, bacon or cheese. Dog blogger 

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Ever heard of a Snuffle Mat?

Here is a great idea for a home-made food puzzle for your dog. It is called a Snuffle mat. For your creative folks out there, here are a couple of links to DIY videos and instructions: Snuffle Mat Mayhem and DIY Snuffle Mat