Isis was struck by a car and had both upper and lower jaw fractured. She recovered and now lives with her adoptive family in San Francisco.

Adopted: Oct, 2012


Labrador Charlie lives in Davis, CA and enjoys swimming in his pool and being thoroughly spoiled by his mom.

Adopted: Sep, 2012


Leon was a very old dog in terrible shape. He found a happy home for his last days through NCal Family Dog Rescue.

Adopted: Jul, 2012


Coalie (Pip) was adopted by friends and has a great life in San Francisco.

Adopted Name: Pip

Adopted: Jul, 2012


Kala was a nursing mom, scrounging food. She now lives in the Bay Area with her family.

Adopted Name: Ginger

Adopted: May, 2012


Chance had the worst mange we'd ever seen. After months of recovery, he was adopted and lives happily in San Francisco.

Adopted: May, 2012


Chula was adopted by her foster family and lives in San Francisco.

Adopted: May, 2012

Cocoa Bean

Alma is a well loved member of her family and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Adopted Name: Alma

Adopted: Mar, 2012


Mike was being hurt by schoolchildren. He is now a loved family member with dog brother Rio in Berkeley, CA.

Adopted: Jan, 2012


Cinder was adopted by Sarah and Katherine Stouder and lives in Washington, D.C. with her very own little boy.

Adopted: Dec, 2011


Benji was roaming the streets of Panajachel. He was sent to Northern California Family Dog Rescue and adopted shortly after.

Adopted: Sep, 2011


Candy was semi feral, but tamed down beautifully. She was adopted by a couple in San Francisco and shares her home with dog brother Dante

Adopted Name: Bella

Adopted: Sep, 2011