Beau is a stunning mature dog, perhaps five or six years old. We think he has some Chow in him, but he looks almost fox-like. Beau is incredibly affectionate, friendly to everyone he meets, quiet, laid back and perfectly house trained. He has learned how to play and loves to chew rawhide toys and stuffed Kongs. He was pretty much a mess when he arrived in mid-January, but his coat has grown in soft and shiny, and he is now healthy and strong. He enjoys brushing and petting, and loves to work for treats. He knows some basic obedience (he is being clicker trained) and even gives a paw when asked. Beau loves to go for car rides and walks, and he walks beautifully on leash.

Beau would be a great only dog, and he could happily share his space with a lady friend. He really is a ladies’ man and loves female dogs but doesn’t really see eye to eye with male dogs and would not do well living with another male. He also seems to enjoy chasing cats, so we don’t recommend that he share his home with a cat.

Beau is a sweet, loving, well behaved dog who would be a perfect companion for a family. He is easy going and laid back in the home, and would be perfect for a family who don’t necessarily want to have to walk miles and miles every day to tire out their dog. Beau is happy with shorter walks-he really is happiest just hanging at your side. We don’t know his full back story, but Beau had obviously been struggling to survive on the street for a very long time. He is truly grateful to be feeling so good, so loved, and all he really wants is to be near his humans.



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