Canela was left tied to a tree by “owners” who no longer wanted her. She has been with Terry and John for many years now, and since senior dogs are seldom requested in adoption, we consider her a sanctuary dog who will likely live out her life with us. We aren’t sure what mix of breeds Canela is-sometimes we think she is part seal, other times part velveteen rabbit, and often we think she has some mole in her, as she loves to dig! She is a chunky little dog, probably about ten or twelve years old in 2018), and is just as sweet as can be. She is one of the “Porch dogs” and spends her days sunning herself in the garden of the main house, or lounging on the enclosed dog porch with the other sanctuary dogs.

Canela is a favourite with all our volunteers.  She is affectionate without being pushy, and manages to charm everyone who meets her with her soft brown eyes and sweet nature.