Chavela came in at the end of March- she was found with a large open wound which was exposing her skull. She suffered a skull fracture right above her right eye which healed on its own, and has had two surgeries to attempt to close the wound on her head. Her unusual eye expression is permanent is a result of the fracture and first surgery to pull her scalp together.

Chavela is great with other dogs, playful and got a very big personality. She may have Chihuahua in her. She definitely has some lion! She is very affectionate with her people, but can be fearful and barky towards some new people. She does not like smaller children and will bark at them and rush them trying to drive them away. She does fine with older kids from about 10 and up, though.

She and the cat in her foster home have reached a detente and co-exist fine, but neither really like one another. She could live in a home with cats if the cats are confident and don’t run.

Chavela is spayed, vaccinated, and has basic training. She is pretty much house trained and is also crate trained. She’ll be ready for adoption as soon as her head is healed.

Chavela is a spicy, spunky little pup. She is smart as a whip, loves to train and solve food-toy puzzles. She rides great in the car, loves walks, both on and off leash. She is very affectionate and a wonderful cuddle-bug. She is a small dog. We think she has finished growing and she weighs about 20 lbs. She is probably about 10 months old.