We are told that this young dog belonged to a woman in San Pedro las Huertas, a town near Antigua. The woman died a while ago, and the family locked up the house and left her dog to live or die on her own. Cusca of course came into heat and delivered her puppies in the only safe place she knew-the abandoned house.

Unfortunately, the house was scheduled for construction, and it was not a safe place, after all. A kind neighbour cared for the pups and contacted us for help. She got the mother to a vet and had her spayed, and found homes for four of the puppies. We took in Cusca, the mother, and her remaining three puppies.

Cusca is young-not more than a year and a half old. She must have some kind of husky or Akita in her as her tail is tightly curled and she carries it over her back. She is very un-Husky -like in that she is very focused and affectionate with people.

She has clearly been hit and mistreated, and can still be unsure around strangers and some kids.  She is extremely smart and very food motivated, and is learning obedience quickly. Cusca is very connected to “her” people, and bonds very quickly. She loves attention and petting, and gets along with most dogs when introduced over time. She seems to be fine with children.