Donkey (Charlie)

Sweet Donkey was rescued by Tessa and Gerson as a young puppy about 4 years ago. He was in horrible condition tied by the neck and left to die in an abandoned field. He was skeletally thin with a rope embedded in his neck and severe mange.

He took months to recover, and ended up growing up with his foster mom and dad and a big gang of other dogs. He is very social and friendly with dogs of all sorts, and he is very affectionate and loving with people.

We brought Donkey in to the center in August as we feel he is extremely adoptable and after a few weeks with us, he went into foster with Abigail in Antigua. He is still in foster and doing absolutely great. Donkey loves the attention and daily walks. He took to sofa snoozes like a duck to water. He goes to work with Abigail and is an official office greeter. He has lost weight and looks and feels great.

He has always had a bit of a hitch in his giddy-up and we took him for x-rays. We found that he has pretty severe degeneration in both hips, bilateral dysplasia. This causes him pain and limits his mobility. Charlie underwent surgery to alleviate this (Femoral Head Ostectomia) in early December. He is recovering beautifully and once his first surgery is fully healed, he will have a second one. These surgeries will allow him to move pain free and live a normal life with no future discomfort.

Donkey would be a fantastic addition to any lucky family. He is a wonderful dog and we can’t wait to find his permanent home. He’s neutered, vaccinated, and vet checked of course. He will be available for adoption after his second FHO.